17-18 ASB Info/PE Sales

The Montgomery Middle School ASB (Associated Student Body) is here to help support the students of Montgomery Middle.  We are in charge of selling many items including PE clothes, yearbooks, school supplies, and lunchtime snacks.  You are not required to purchase anything from the ASB, but every purchase benefits the students of Montgomery Middle through awards, incentives, celebrations, assemblies, activities, and more.
In addition to selling things, the ASB is also in charge of dances, spirit activities, fundraisers, and a variety of other leadership jobs to help make our school a great place to be.  We hope you will participate in all of the activities we have for you this year.  Pay attention to morning announcements, KMMI, and posters around campus so that you always know what is going on here at our school.
If you have any questions, please stop by the ASB office, Room 315.
ASB Advisor – Mrs. Kerry Siglin
ASB Office – (619) 662-8250
Email – kerry.siglin@sweetwaterschools.org

ASB President –Daniela Serena
ASB Vice President –Shawn Talamantes
ASB Secretary – Ailani Serrano
ASB Treasurer – Celeste Vargas
ASB Office Hours
The ASB office is open daily 8:00 am-3:30 pm.
Important Dates
Friday, July 14, 7th Grade Orientation 9-11am (See WEB info below)
Thursday, July 20 First Day of School
Friday, Aug. 4 Mayan Revolution Day (parents welcome)
Friday, Aug. 4 First Dance 1:15-3:00
August 21-22 Picture Days
October 6 Picture Make Up Day
WEB (Very Important for 7th Graders!)
WEB is a program where every 7th grader is matched up with an 8th grade “big buddy” who is referred to as a WEB Leader. WEB Leaders are 8th graders who volunteered to be mentors to incoming 7th graders. WEB Leaders help run the 7th grade orientation on July 14, then approximately every six weeks, the WEB leaders meet with their “webbies” and do different activities or discuss important things like how to be successful in school, making healthy choices, bullying, and a variety or other topics. The first chance for 7th graders to meet their WEB Leader is at orientation: Friday, July 14, 9-11am!!!
PE Sales/ASB Information 2017-2018
2017-18 PE Sales Information
Students will not need to wear their PE clothes until the end of the second week of school. It is not necessary to purchase clothes before the school year starts. Parents are welcome to come purchase clothes at any of the following times, but also, PE teachers will allow students to go purchase clothes during class during the first two weeks of school, so you are able to just send money with your students if you prefer.

ASB PE sales for the first two weeks of school (open all year for sales)
 Friday, July 14, 11am-2pm *(very crowded after orientation)
 7/20 8am – 3pm
 7/21 8am – 2pm
 7/24 8am-6pm
 7/25 – 7/27 8am-3:30pm
 7/28 8am-1pm
*You are not required to purchase your PE clothes from ASB, although most families do. You can feel good knowing that all money raised at the ASB is spent back on the students through awards and incentives, special activities, sports, clubs, pep rallies, dances, and more! We appreciate your support of our students and school!
**PE teachers will write students’ names on their shirt and shorts. Please make sure everything fits before you get your name written on them. The ASB cannot exchange/refund if your name is already on the clothes. Otherwise, we are happy to help you exchange for the correct size!
Montgomery Middle ASB Student Store Price List
****You may bring this form with you when you come to purchase your PE clothes and other items. You may circle desired items ahead of time to save time, or there will be extra forms available at ASB for you.
Item                Sizes Available (sizes are adult)
P.E. t-shirt     XS S   M   L   XL      $8
P.E. shorts     XS   S   M   L   XL     $10
Sweatpants     XS   S   M   L   XL     $10
(run large)
Mayan Spirit Hoodie XS    S   M   L   XL $20
(black hooded sweatshirt)
Crewneck Sweatshirt XS S M L XL $12
(Gray w/ Mayan Logo)
Lock  (security key feature for PE teachers)         $6
Yearbook  $28 in July and August, $30 Sept – Dec, $35 Jan-June (Buy early and save!)
____College T-Shirt (variety of universities and colors)      $10
*Every Wednesday is College Wednesday: Wear a college t-shirt or sweatshirt if you have one.
Mayan Value Package:
PE shirt, shorts or sweatpants, Mayan spirit hoodie, lock, yearbook $70
Cash, credit, debit, or cashier’s checks/money orders. Personal checks are not accepted at ASB.
If you have any questions, please call the ASB office at 662-8250.
Order Online: You may also order on-line to use a credit card (there is a 6% processing fee). Go to our school website to order starting Monday, July 10. Print the receipt and have your student bring it to the ASB to pick up their items. If you are unable to print from home, we can do it at the ASB. Click on the link below to access the webstore.

Student Store School Supplies
(Available all year long)
i-Pad stylus/pen $2.00
i-Pad earbuds $3.00
i-Pad cleaning cloth $2.00
i-Pad pack (earbuds, stylus, cloth) $6.00
1 subject notebook (Vinyl cover) $3.00
Colored pencils (set of 12)    $2.00
Glue stick            $0.75
Regular Pencil         $0.25
Mechanical pencil        $0.50
Pencil Lead (30 leads .7mm)   $1.00
Pen (blue or black ink)      $0.50
Rulers (plastic or wood)     $1.00
Eraser (Magic Rub)       $1.00
Pencil cap erasers        3 for $0.25
Pencil pouch          $2.00
Pack of notebook paper (150 sheets) $2.00
Highlighter           $1.00
Dividers            $2.00
Index cards (pack of 100)     $1.00
Pencil sharpeners        $1.00
Plastic sheet protectors      5 for $1.00
File folders           $0.25