Time to Get to Class!

Please use Teams to log into classes since Canvas is still be worked on.

To Use Teams:

  1. Either use your App or google Microsoft Teams.
  2. Log in with your school email. Your password is your 8-digit birthdate.
  3. You will see your classes. Click on the class that you are supposed to be in and press Join.



Tech Support for Students

We understand that you will need technology support as we navigate through this new distance learning model. We have adjusted our help desk support system platforms to accommodate the needs of your student. If your student requires assistance, they can send an email (using their district issued gmail account) to studenttechsupport@sweetwaterschools.org. They will need to include their Student ID Number and their School Site information in the Subject area of the email. You, as a Parent, can also call our Help Desk number, 619-585-7995, option 3

The help desk is receiving an extremely high volume of calls this morning on 619-585-7995.  As a result, users are experiencing a fast busy (or an abrupt disconnect).  If you get the busy signal, please call 619-498-6890.  

Welcome Back

Update: First Day of School Glitches

We are so sorry that you are having problems with Canvas. It’s getting worked out now. Check Microsoft Teams and you should be able to see your classes there. If you are downloading this morning, it’s going to take a while because the Microsoft Server is overloaded.


Since today was difficult to log into classes, we want you to excuse your absences by using this Attendance Form and letting us know what you missed.

Here’s what you need to do to prepare:

  1. Get your schedule from Campus Portal
    • Log in with ID# and 8 digit date of birth for the password
    • Click on Schedule
  2. Do the steps on this Tip Sheet
  3. Log into class by either:
  1. Open Canvas app
  2. Click on “Courses”
  3. Select “Advisory”
  4. Click on the Microsoft Teams link and wait for your teacher.


  1. Go to Teams and click on your class name.

Log In Info

Need help with understanding your schedule?

Here’s a screencast to help you understand how to understand you schedule.

Schedule for you to download:

Student Schedule

Is there an error on your schedule?

Contact counselors using the Counselor Request to Review Scheduling Error Form.


Student Expectations for Distance Learning

During this time of distant learning, we are committed to maintaining the highest level of academics. We promise to work hard to ensure that the learning experience is highly effective and laden with support.

Students, you are expected to try, to struggle and to persevere. 

Click here to read more about  our Distance Learning Expectations in our Student Handbook.

Click the picture below to learn more about the expectations when you are in live meetings using Microsoft Teams.

Click the link below to learn more about how distance learning will operate and what the roles of teachers and students are.


Complete Registration for 20-21


It’s time to complete registration for the 2020-2021 school year!

You only need 4 things:

  1. Online Registration Form or OLR – many of you have already completed this
  2. Affidavit
    • Only incoming 7th graders, new 8th graders or 8th graders who have moved since last year and have a new address need an affidavit. Returning 8th graders who have not moved recently do not need to complete the affidavit.
    • Click here for the affidavit.
  3. Proof of Residency
    • Only incoming 7th graders and new 8th graders or 8th graders who have moved since last year and have a new address need proof of residency. Returning 8th graders do not who have not moved recently do not need to complete the proof of residency.
    • Click here to see the requirements.
  4. Immunization

To turn these items in:

1. Upload Affidavit, Proof of Residency and Immunization records to our Registration Submission Form. 


2. Print out or copy your documents and drop them off in a sealed envelope with your student’s name on the envelope. Our office will have a collection bin in front of our school by our main office door Monday-Friday from 8:30 – 2:30.

Copies of the affidavit are on the table in front of school for you to fill out and leave a copy.

No computer? No problem!

Using your smart phone or other device, just fill in this form and we will get back to you to set up an appointment that will take place over the phone.