About Us

At Montgomery Middle School, we focus on helping each student discover and cultivate his or her talents; focusing on strengths instead of weaknesses.

Because middle school is such a challenging time for students academically and socially, it is important to focus on what they are naturally gifted with to conquer middle schools’ challenges.

We are passionate in our belief that each student has unlimited potential. We help young people discover their natural talents and turn those talents into strengths. Every adult and student on campus focuses their strengths so that they can reach their goals and become the best versions of themselves!

Using Gallup’s Strength Explorer assessment, students and staff members at Montgomery Middle identify their top strengths. Everyday begins with morning advisory, where students learn more about their strengths and apply them in their content area classes. Students participate in Strengths Camp, Schoolwide Strengths Days, and team building with strengths.

Ultimately, students will understand how their strengths will help them build relationships, set and achieve their academic and personal goals, and develop empathy in a safe and caring environment.

Montgomery Middle School Mission Statement

Our mission is to discover and cultivate our strengths to create and Mayan Family rooted in trust, empathy, responsibility, and resilience which will lead to academic and personal success for each student.