H.E.R.O. Program

Help, Encourage and Respect Others

The H.E.R.O. Program is an empowerment campaign looking for modern day heroes! It is a twist on your traditional anti-bullying campaign that always focuses on the bully. With H.E.R.O., we only want to talk to the bystander. Research shows that during a bullying incident, 80% are “Bystanders” who witness the victim get ridiculed, humiliated, assaulted etc. and do nothing about it and just walk away!

So the question we’ve had for Montgomery Middle School students is “Are you a HERO?!” We are looking for them!! Mrs. Herrera worked closely with the peer mediators and staff to get the message out. The peer mediators are on a secret ops mission to reward students with HERO bracelets if they are caught being a “HERO”. We have started to witness amazing acts of kindness and selflessness and Mayan students are stepping up to the plate to become heroes in front of your eyes! All heroes are recognized on the wall of heroes in the counseling center and on the morning news broadcast.