After-School Program – Club Maya


Club MAYA provides high quality after-school programs for middle school students which ensures their safety, academic expansion opportunities, improved social skills, collaboration skills, teamwork all through the lens and focus on student strengths. Our programs also offer students the chance to try out new skills or follow their existing passions for sports, music, arts, cooking and more in a safe, after school community.

Club MAYA provides students with a wide array of activities that are focused on student passions, education, and enrichment. Club MAYA also emphasizes having a safe environment where students can learn and participate in enriching activities. The program offers an after school snack, followed by a multitude of daily activities, and finalized with our homework hour where students have the opportunity to work on homework and receive help from our staff.

Programs operate every regular school day, both before school from 6:30am to 8:10am and after school from 3:10 pm-6:10 pm (Monday-Thursday) and 1:05 pm-6:00 pm on Fridays. Students may leave early after submission of the early release form. Early release Monday-Thursday is at 4:45 pm and at 3:45 pm on Fridays.



All students interested in sports must complete our Online Sports Registration. Click on the link below to be taken to the website to complete the registration. You may also open the document for a step-by-step guide through the process. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Ms. Jones!


Sports Registration Website:

  1. Create an Account as a Parent
  2. Start a new registration
  3. Find the school by searching for Montgomery Middle School
  4. Input all information to complete the registration process
  5. Remember to “enroll” your athlete in the sport(s)!

Check out what we expect from our student athletes! >>> Student Athlete Expectations

How to Enroll:

If you would like your student(s) to participate in our Before and After School Program, Club MAYA, please click on the link below to fill out the interest form. Once you have filled out the form, our staff will work to send you the application via email. The application will come from a company named “City Span”. You must complete the City Span application for your student to be enrolled in the program.

Program expectations: All students are encouraged to stay the whole program time M-F. Priority will be given to these students for enrollment. Early release may be granted case-by-case. In order to have an early release (4:45 pm M-Th and 3:45 pm Fridays), you must fill out an additional form in person. Each student is required to attend the program for 9 hours per week. If a student does not meet the attendance requirements, they may be asked to leave the program so we can offer the spot to a student in need.



Will I be notified if my student is accepted into the program?

At the current time, we have many spots still open. You will ONLY BE NOTIFIED if you student is on the WAIT LIST. If you hear nothing and filled out the City Span application, your student has been accepted to the Club MAYA program.

Is there a parent meeting I need to attend?

There will be a parent meetings during the week before school starts. Times and dates TBD.

Does my child have to be in Club MAYA to play sports?

Yes, to attend our sports practices and represent Montgomery Middle on a sports team, your student must be enrolled in the program. Student athletes must also be registered on to compete and practice.

Is there a grade requirement for sports?

We expect all student athletes to maintain a 2.0 GPA with no failing grades.

Does my student need a physical to particiapte in sports?

No, a physical is not necessary at the middle school level.

Will my child be given a snack during after school program?

Yes, our cafeteria serves dinner to all students in the after school program.


Ashley Jones

After School Programs Coordinator