Welcome Mayan families. This page should provide you with all the information you need to become an active participant in your student’s educational experience.

The items listed on the right hand side of this page and below will link you to a variety of valuable resources that you will need throughout the academic year.

For additional information on any of our programs or resources, please contact the main office at 619-662-8200.


GENERAL INFORMATION:  The following link contains important information for parents and students including bell schedule, attendance, iPad rules, and the new site map.


ASB INFORMATION:  The following link provides information regarding ASB hours, PE clothes, student supplies available at the ASB store and a price list.


ACCELERATED READER/ADVISORY: From Monday through Thursday, students begin every morning with an advisory period during which students work on Accelerated Reader (AR).  AR is an important part of our academics program here at MOM.  Students must come to advisory with a reading book and their Accelerated Reader Log Book each day.  Find out more more about AR on our library’s website here.  Contact your child’s English teacher or our librarian if you have any questions about AR.

  • Accelerated Reader Home Connect: This link will take you to a site where you can check your childs progress in AR.  You can even sign up to receive emails for each quiz the student takes.  Use the students ID number for user, and their six-digit date of birth as the password.


CANVAS – parents are ‘observers’ and can check students assignments and homework.

ACHIEVE 3000-Students are assigned articles each week.  They can work on them at school and from home.


Mayan Tech Reference Sheet