Montgomery Middle School has a variety of clubs for students of all interests. These clubs vary in focus and include after-school programs, academic assistance programs, sports, etc.

For more information about how to sign up contact the club advisor.


Club Maya allows students to get involved sports and after school activities. The after school program offers the opportunity to socialize with new friends and participate in numerous activities and games.  See Mrs. Jones in the after school program for more info.

Garden Club

Did you know we have several edible plants growing on campus? We like to help plants grow and enjoy harvesting them to eat! At any given time of the year we have a variety of items. We are currently growing mint, strawberries, potatoes, peppers, and zucchini!  See Ms. Chai for more information.


You’ve seen this club live on the air every Monday through Thursday morning on our closed circuit broadcast. Led by Mr. Macias, this is the “news team” of Montgomery Middle. They share words of wisdom everyday and inform the students of important events and upcoming activities happening on campus.

Knowledge Bowl

The Knowledge Bowl team students compete against other schools answering trivia questions about all school subjects.  Lots of studying and buzzer hitting practice.  See Ms. Dyga if you think you’ve got what it takes!

Math Field Day

Match can be really fun.  If you don’t believe us, join the group of participants for Math Field Day. With the help of Mrs. Jonna, this team competes in math games against schools in the district county.

Robotics Club

This after school club integrates Computer Science with Engineering to design, construct, operate, and use robots in a virtual environment. Are you into coding? Building things? Do you like feeling part of a team? YES?! Then, Robotics Club is for you!

Strengths Leaders

These students meet quarterly with Mrs. Siglin and Ms. Betanco to plan Strengths activities for students to participate in. The Strengths Leaders run the activities in our semester Strengths Days.

SeaPerch Robotics

Would you like to know how to solder or use a drill? Do you want to build your own game controller? SeaPerch just might be for you! You and your team have the opportunity to construct an underwater robot that can move through the water rapidly!  See Ms. Chai to join.

Where Everybody Belongs (WEB)

WEB Leaders are mentors to 7th graders all year long. They give them great advice about student life. No wonder the WEB motto is “Students Helping Students Succeed!”


This staff works really hard on putting creative thoughts and ideas into the yearbook throughout the year. Choosing the theme and the cover is a long but exciting process. While working on creating a great yearbook that is memorable to students, we can all have fun together!  Let your counselor know if you would like to join the yearbook staff.