About Us

Montgomery Middle School is a 40 year-old campus that follows a common calendar and services a population of approximately 890 students. Located three miles north of the U.S./Mexico border, the students represent a rich mix of cultures and languages.

Through block scheduling, Montgomery Middle offers a curriculum that meets the needs of a diverse community and challenges its students by offering a course of study for all students including for those who qualify as English Learners, GATE, and Special Education.

Special Education makes substantial use of the computer program Read 180, as well as Math and English Support classes. Collaborative and co-teaching classes are available for those students who scored non-proficient on the California Standards Test. To ensure accountability and awareness, a representative staff member from the Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Science departments participates in the corresponding District Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Teams. These departments then meet once a week during Professional Learning Communities and articulation days to further analyze data, to develop a rigorous curriculum that is aligned to grade level standards, to identify areas of need, to implement best teaching practices, to create common assessments, and to monitor student progress.

Through technology Montgomery Middle consistently enhances the students’ educational experience. The school operates three fully equipped computer laboratories, at least two computers in every classroom, Internet access, and a complete multimedia program. Programs, such as Chancery, DataDirector, Reading Renaissance, and Microsoft Outlook are accessible from every classroom.

Montgomery Middle is committed to the development of resiliency in our students and offers a variety of extra-curricular activities after school, some of which are supported through a comprehensive 6 to 6 program. The Homework Center is very well attended and provides teachers, community volunteers, high school and college students as mentors and tutors for our students. Extended Week Activities Program, an intensive tutoring program targeting students in the areas of Math and English, is offered on Saturdays to improve student achievement in those core areas. Students who do not complete their homework are assigned to MAYA Club during the week by their teachers where high school and college-aged tutors, in partnership with South Bay Community Services, and school personnel are available to assist students in completing assignments. We offer our students an Anti-Bullying Program that is overseen by our Coordinated

Intervention Services offices and our counselors and it is promoted to all students through our KMMI bulletin, assemblies, etc. Students are also mentored by the After School All-Stars of Greater San Diego through extra-curricular activities such as computer lab, game room, cooking classes, and various other activities including soccer, flag football, baseball, and volleyball.

In addition, Montgomery Middle offers an elective program that is aligned with the State of California’s document for Middle Schools, Taking Center Stage. Students can choose from Spanish, Art, KMMI/Media Arts, AVID, Band, and Mariachi. Another way we address the needs of the middle school student is through the Healthy Start Grant, the Rayo de Esperanza Resource Center and Border View YMCA that notably makes Montgomery Middle a viable part of the community.

We work collaboratively with the center to host support groups for at risk teenagers, single moms, and other parent groups.

Montgomery Middle uses a shared decision making model where parents, students, and staff can give input through monthly Coffee with the Principal meetings, the School Site Council, and EL, GATE and Title I/SCE parent group meetings. The administration also meets regularly with the Faculty Advisory Committee, departments, and the PLC Site Leadership Team to ensure equity in representation and a shared vision by all stakeholders.