English Language Arts

This course focuses on the development of fluent readers and skilled writers through word analysis, fluency practice, systematic vocabulary development, reading comprehension practice, literary response and analysis, instruction of writing strategies, and writing applications.  In addition, students become confident speakers and thoughtful listeners by learning written and oral English language conventions, listening and speaking strategies, and speaking applications.

The Accelerated Reader (AR) program is an important part of the ELA curriculum. Each student is assigned an individualized reading point goal for the semster; this is based on their results of the STAR Reading test that they take at the beginning of the school year.  Students should be making the following AR reading progress towards their point goal throughout each semester:

For 1st Progress Report of the Semester

30% or more = A

26%-29% = B

23%-25% = C;

20%-22% = D

19% or below = F

For 2nd Progress Report of the Semester

60% or more = A

54%-59% = B

47%-53% = C

40%-46% = D

39% or below = F

For Final Report Card of the Semester

90% or more = A

80%-89% = B

70%-79% = C

60%-69% = D

59% or below = F


Below are some additional resources for parents to support their child’s progress in the AR program:

A Parent’s Guide to Accelerated Reader

A Parent’s Guide to Accelerated Reader-Spanish Version

AR Home Connect This link allows you to check your child’s current points and percentage of goal met.  You can also add your email address to receive an email each time the student takes a quiz. Use the student’s ID number for username, and six-digit birthday for password.

AR Book Finder This link allows you to find the book level and point value for books your child wants to check out from the public library or purchase at a store.  All books checked out from our school library are already labeled with that information.

MOM Library Website



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