Department Highlights

Montgomery Middle Math uses a collaborative approach to problem solving and takes pride in encouraging the following attributes in our students:

  • Cooperative Learning Skills
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Error Analysis linked to communication of Mathematical Reasoning
  • Technological activities (textbook, manipulatives, videos, etc.)
  • Student Centered Instruction


Integrated Math 7,  Integrated Math 8,  IM 1 &  Compacted Integrated Math  Sweetwater’s adoption of CPM Core Connections is the central resource utilizing Common Core Standards and Mathematical Practices to deliver and assess Math learning in IM7 & IM8 at Montgomery. These resources are supplemented by each teacher’s use of other resources to deliver quality tasks, structured discourse, and supportive technology.

District Requirements

Beginning with the Class of 2020, students MUST pass all core classes (Math, English, Science, & Social Studies), including PE and achieve 21 or more semester credits to participate in Promotion activities at Montgomery Middle. Current 8th graders must pass all English & Math classes, and earn 21 or more semester credits, to participate in their promotion ceremony.

Site Resources


Cesar Chapa, Integrated Math 7 syllabus,

Octavio Del Valle, Math Fundamentals,

Ban Jonna, Integrated Math 7 syllabus and Integrated Math 8 syllabus,

Erin Graves, Integrated Math 8 syllabus,

Lorena Perez, Integrated Math 7 and 8 syllabus,

Tina Sry, Integrated Math 7 syllabus and Compacted Integrated Math 1 syllabus,