Physical Education


Grading is based on California State Standards including character (suiting up, responsibility), attendance, behavior, and participation. Missed class time for any reason must be made up.

Scholarship Grade: Students receive 33 or 34 points at the beginning of each grading period. Grades are cumulative. Final grade is determined out of 100 points. It is the student’s responsibility to maintain their points. Points will be deducted for the following reasons:

  • Absent – 2 points
  • Missed run (for any reason) – 2 points
  • Failed run – 2 points
  • Failed intervention – 1 point
  • Defiance – 2 points
  • Tardy to class – 1 point
  • Non-Suit – 1 point
  • Chewing gum – 1 point

Deducted points can be made up during class time. Extra credit is offered on run days. Students with medical issues or parent notes are expected to suit up if physically able.

Intervention is required for students who are non-suited, fail run, chew gum, or behavior issues.

Citizenship Grade: Number of total tardies, non-suits, and behavioral issues (per grading period). Students may not make-up citizenship grade.

1 = A

2 = B

3 = C

4 = D

5 = F


All students must wear a P.E. uniform and have a combination lock (available at the ASB).

  • Montgomery Middle School gray T-shirt (or a plain sport gray t-shirt, absolutely no words or logos, no dark or charcoal gray)
  • Montgomery Middle School blue shorts (or plain navy blue 2- ply mesh athletic shorts with no words or logos and the shorts must have a 9″ inseam )
  • Montgomery Middle School gray sweatpants (or a plain sport gray sweatpants, absolutely no words or logos, no dark or charcoal gray)
  • Montgomery Middle School gray sweatshirt or plain sport gray sweatshirts, no logos or words, are allowed over the PE shirt.


It is recommended that you purchase the PE lock from ASB because it has a security key feature on the back, and the school will have a record of the combination in case it is forgotten. If you choose to purchase a combination lock (no key entry locks) somewhere else and the lock needs to be cut off the student’s locker for a justifiable reason (forgot combination, suspicion of illegal items in locker, etc…) you will be responsible for purchasing another lock.


Lockers will be issued to students by the PE teachers. Students may not change or share lockers without teacher permission. Students are responsible for locking up their own belongings. The school cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen items.


Students are to act responsibly at all times. The following items and behaviors are prohibited in the locker room:

  • Gum, food, or drinks (water acceptable)
  • Aerosol spray cans such as hair spray or body spray (Pump-type spray and roll-on deodorants are acceptable)
  • Glass bottles or containers
  • Marking pens and use of cell phones
  • Running, snapping clothing, throwing objects, pushing, fighting, and stealing
  • Whistling, yelling, singing, and making loud noises


Students who have medical issues MUST have the proper medical form filed with the school nurse.  These forms MUST be completed by a licensed physician in the State of California.  This includes notes for non-participation in PE class.



Julie Dart, 8th Gr PE,

Daniel Lainez, 7th and 8th Gr PE,

Jaime Lopez, 7th Gr PE,

Brianne Martinez, 7th Gr PE,

Brett Milke, Adaptive PE,